Saturday, September 15, 2012

"Hell Weeks" -

Back in my football playing days, we had a period of two weeks where we practiced three times a day! Always in hot August, of course, hence, "Hell Weeks". The last two weeks have been like that for our family, especially our daughter's "team". It began with the excitement of Gabriella Skye's birth, but quickly became "hell on earth"; NICU with infection, postpartum issues, and finally last night a visit to ER for Karly with initial diagnosis if "pulmonary embolism", (life threatening). Through it all, Patti and I have leaned heavily on God and the prayers of faithful friends & family. And, we have encouraged Karly & Phil to do likewise. We believe wholeheartedly that God hears and answers our prayers, even if not in our desired way and time. Fortunately, for us all, God not only has heard, but also given us the desires of our hearts in this time of trial. Gabby's infection disappeared relatively quickly, even before a final diagnosis, and she came home earlier than doctors expected. Gabby is now thriving amidst the love of her family. Karly recognized the symptoms of depression and is getting treatment which we fully expect will return her to normal (normal for our family anyway). ;-) Last night was the third (they do always seem to come that way, huh?), chapter for our hell weeks. Karly was experiencing chest pain, so off with Phil to ER while Bapa & Nana stayed with two week old Gabby and her "big" brother. Initial diagnosis; pulmonary emboli. They finally got home about 3AM, but the final CAT scan angiogram failed to find or confirm an embolism?! (Not unlike my own kidney stone episode, where I fully believe it dissolved through Patti's prayers and God's divine intervention.) I am choosing to believe that God intervened in all three cases; hearing the prayers of faithful ("only say Your word Lord . . . ") for healing. (As I said earlier, not always in our way or time, but in this case, YES!) If that were the full story, I would gladly end here, but I know there's always more we don't see, and also more trials to come in this life. Choosing to seek and find God, Him in the midst, is our hope and strength, our comfort and peace. Reminds me of those life-giving books by Phillip Yancey; "Where Is God, Disappointment With God, and Amazed By Grace". epilogue: The old "Moose" has been "in the doghouse" more than once during this time, sadly, par for the course in this incorrigible "work in progress" :-(. I have had to "learn the hard way" about jestful wisecracks that can hurt, from both my wife and brethren at my church. I guess I could feign stress or stupidity and probably be right, but I think God wants and expects more?! I'll end with encouragement to always seek God and expect Him to reveal Himself to you personally, remembering too that "He disciplines those He loves." Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner. P.S. Thanks for those prayers! }:-

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