Thursday, August 9, 2012

A mother’s story of her daughter’s cancer -

Lately, whenever our cell phone lights up with our daughter's name, our hearts skip a beat as we anticipate new developments in her cancer. For those who don't know, she has chosen to take a 6 week job in Oakland, which is scheduled to end in 2 weeks. "Mom, I'm in the ER again. I was having trouble breathing, and they are getting ready to drain my lungs." Then there are texts to Dad’s phone, "They had to admit me. My oxygen is low again." " They think I have pneumonia." "I'm also on pain meds." I think sometimes my updates read like fiction, but there's nothing fictitious about our story. Although some mornings I wake up thinking (wishing) this is all just a bad dream. More often, though, I wake up to reality, the reality of our daughter's cancer ravaging her body, and there's nothing I could do to help her. Nothing except to pray, to ask for prayer, and to keep on believing that God knows what is best, whatever that may look like. Sometimes that's comforting, other times I'm too weak to know the difference. My mother's heart aches. Some of you have expressed that you are encouraged by our faith. If so, to God be the glory. There's nothing special about my faith. We all believe the same truths about our God. Appropriating that faith is a daily conscious effort and struggle. I fall. I get discouraged. I grow weary. But you all are holding me up, by your prayers, by your loving concern, and just by bearing our burdens. So I continue to share, and I continue to strive because you all encourage me to believe. This is the body of Christ at work, and you are part of it. I rejoice in that. Mine is a tear-filled journey, and is probably one of the hardest trials I've ever had to face. I don't face it alone. I am thankful for you all, and your continued prayers for our family, especially for my daughter. Pray for her body; pray for her soul. Pray she would see God's love for her, and in her pain respond to that love. And dare I ask that you pray for the miraculous healing of her cancer? Only God knows the outcome. My hope in any healing has never been strong, and it grows dimmer by the day. So pray as the Holy Spirit intercedes on our behalf, as He promises He would.

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