Tuesday, June 7, 2011

a little light, Hawaiian Moose verse . . .

In Dis Life (in memory of IZ)

My car is not a Beamer or a jag.
My house is a plain brown paper bag.
But I got a great family and loving wife.
And God has shown me that's what matters most in this life.

Now this life is not all there is.
And even Bruddah IZ sings about this.
There’s more in eternal life here now, and yet to come.
If we choose to follow God’s one and only Son.

So, as for me and my “house”,
We be livin large and livin fine,
Cuz livin for Jesus is deeevine.

Da kine Moose verse for all you “Hawaiians at heart”!
And, in honor of Hilo Patti, my beloved wahine.
Makua kane Paka, Da Moose

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