Thursday, September 16, 2010

some "openings" over recent days

As we have come alongside others in their times of struggle recently, God has shown us His Kingdom . . . the here and now Kingdom in Christ.

Healing ministry - our own presence as God's Presence to others . . . may we not only be "living sacrifices" but also "living prayers" for one another.

Our lives seem filled with despair and hopelessness lately, but its a result of coming alongside others in their dark times. Being "present" to one another as God's Presence is often not easy, but being light and salt is always a blessing. We are called to be "messengers" of a HOPE that surpasses both darkness and world, and as Henri Nouwen would say, "In the Name of Jesus".

My wonderful wife, Patti, has been "hearing" "healing ministry", and sensing God's voice in that for her (us?) Lately, we are finding this is not so much a "ministry" or program, but a life lived in His Kingdom, here and now. The best example I can think of right now is that of the Northumbria Community and their "ru...le" - Vulnerability & Availability. I think Larry Crabb (Connecting) would agree? Lord have mercy.

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