Monday, February 22, 2010

Living Room Chats With Patti And Pat

We don't advertise it, but Patti and I have been doing our little ministry as God leads. It has been a blessing for us, and hopefully for those the Lord ministers to through us? Fortunately, we haven't needed to ask for remuneration for our services, which is another blessing in these hard times. While income may become necessary in the future, God has been his usual Providential self for us and our family.

Anyway, this message is just my (Pat's) own puny marketing effort to let people know we are available for personal, group, or even retreat-type gatherings. Our areas of ministry, again as God has led, include; marriage (mentoring and counseling - nonprofessional, but certainly Christian), family life and issues, divorce (Pat), even our own "version" of spiritual direction/mentoring.

We can and have done short retreats and talks for churches and groups. While a week long retreat seems daunting, I have no doubts we can do that as well, once again, as God leads. For more on us, please visit, the blog home for PnP On The Road Ministries.

No, we aren't famous authors. You won't find our books anywhere . . . they are "written on the pages of or lives". I (Pat) have been writing profusely since "retiring", but haven't had the time or urgent inclination to put it all together. However, there IS a title, The Narrow Road - A Journey of Hope. I guess you could describe it as Pat's own version of Pilgrim's Progress? We keep things simple (one of our favorite words), and "down to earth", while welcoming interaction.

So, if your church or group is looking for a speaker(s) and are tired of paying out the "big bucks" for those "famous" people, give us a look. I don't think you'll be disappointed . . . trusting God in that.

only by Grace, pat!/patrick.watters1?ref=search&sid=1702741201.1423743925..1

Pat also has a very old MySpace site for historical stuff (that would mean OLD!)

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