Friday, January 29, 2010

The Spirit of Truth – The Master’s Tapestries

Christ promised that He would not leave us alone. So, He asked the Father to send the Spirit. The Holy Spirit (third person of the Great Oneness who is the Holy Trinity, the Relationship at the center of the Universe,) continues to reveal God’s Truth to us even in these days.

I have been impressed by the Truth (packaged in humility) contained and revealed in The Imitation of Christ. And, I have also witnessed how God will reveal His Truth to men and women throughout time. I am reminded of a pastor of mine who, enabled by God, is gifted to “see” how our Heavenly Father weaves is His beautiful tapestries of Grace, Love and Providence into our lives. This pastor (and others as well) are given (sometimes frequently, sometimes only occasionally) the gift of “seeing” the back side of the tapestry, and envisioning the finished product (the front side). And, we are given gifts as they reveal it to us.

For most of us, we only see the beautiful product, not the “work” that went into it. If we are observant, we may see that work in hindsight after God has finished His product. The work of weaving, like that of the potter and the clay, doesn’t look like much in the beginning, but the Master creates wonderful goods out of the “mess” he has to work with. We may look at our own lives, remembering where, and what, we once were, and give thanks with grateful hearts for His Grace.

Each day now I have a new tapestry to give thanks for. It is that woven by God into the life of my brother, Chuck. My brother’s life has been one filled with brokenness and misery, wrong choices, heartbreak for him and those of us who have loved him through it all. However, Christ Jesus revealed Himself to my brother, and he has surrendered his life to His Savior! The difference is obvious to those of us who have known Chuck for most of his life; a calmness in his voice, a serenity in his heart, a look of Christ’s love in his eyes where before there was uncertainty and fear. My brother is truly a “new creation” and my heart is overflowing with gratitude to our God! Chuck’s tapestry looked terribly ragged and ugly for many years, but God has revealed a beautiful work out of the mess, and answered the prayers across many years.

only by Grace, pat

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