Friday, November 13, 2009

Generosity and more

Often, a personal testimony or story of true servanthood for Christ is the best "word" we can hear. This morning in my quiet time God reminded me of a wonderful missionary couple Patti and I met and visited with when we were in New Zealand. Brian and Lyn Drury are in their "golden years", having raised several children, but hey continue to ply their trade and serve communities in Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu in South Pacific.

Brian and Lyn run a little souvenir store (Mountain View Souvenirs) in Kaikoura, N.Z. The store is their "tent making" business which supports their periodic missionary trips to New Guinea and Vanuatu. In their early lives they spent many years raising their children in Papua, sadly it was there that they lost a six year old son to malaria. Yet, even amidst many struggles they remain faithful to this day. They reflect the gentleness and humility of Christ at all times. They are not, nor will probably ever become famous, but they will always be good and faithful servants. When I think my life is rough at times, or that others lives are especially difficult, I remember Brian and Lyn who continue to surrender all to God, and who know beyond a doubt where they are going on this journey . . . and they look forward to it with glad hearts.

By the way, they don't own a house, drive a beaten up old car, and pretty much put everything back into their ministry . . . "tithe" doesn't mean anything to them.

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