Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Don't give the dweeb more credit than he deserves

“ . . . do not let the devil get a foothold.” Ephesians 4:27
Sound Christian doctrine throughout the ages since Christ’s victory states that the devil cannot personally tempt us. Temptation lies in our “flesh” and the sinful nature thereof. What can happen though is that our flesh tempts us and then the dweeb uses our stumble to his advantage. It is a difficult concept to grasp, but whenever we give him too much “credit” for our struggles we play into his evil plans. Our way out is always through Christ and our Father’s Word, through spiritual disciplines . . . we’ve already been “delivered” out of the dweeb’s clutches . . . he cannot “possess” us nor “enter” into us . . . we quite simply play into his hands via our own sin, whether simple doubt or greater actions on our own part.

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