Saturday, December 27, 2008

only by Grace . . .

My last post requested continued prayers for Tommy and Leanna. It has been quite an adventure over the past several months, especially the last few weeks! Our family has suffered some crises, pain and suffering, AND I have lamented to God over this attack in the face of what I assumed was our obedience to His Will and plans for us and Tommy & Leanna?! Then we went to court and saw God's hand at work, quickly and mightily as only He can orchestrate things! As of this writing, Tommy and Leanna have moved in with their potential forever family, and while we are aware that the CPS process needs to continue to its finality, both us and their new family are seeking God's continued Will and direction in it all. Their new family is in love with T&L, and their ultimate desire is to adopt them into their own family. Many of you know the details of this story and the "who" of their new family, but for those who don't suffice to say that God's fingerprints are all over this adventure, and this family is a true answer to prayers of many. Eventually, I will post a photo and names of this new family, but for now your prayers continue to be coveted . . . for T&L, for us, for their new family, especially that we will all seek God's direction and be prepared for whatever outcome He wills.

My family has learned a lifetime worth of lessons in the past few months; patience, surrender, perseverance, loving Grace, and more. We have all grown closer to God, and hopefully become more like His Son? I personally have learned that "His Grace is enough", and He has allowed me to have more patience and understanding and love that I would have thought possible under the circumstances. I wish I had truly profound words to say at this point, but I can only summarize with, "God is good and His Mercy and Love endure forever."

only by Grace, pat

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