Monday, November 3, 2008

Politics and Jesus . . . ???

I’m a Christian Democrat . . . call me conflicted!

v I’m believe in life and have been personally touched by the abortion issue. But, I’m not an extremist, and realize there may be extenuating circumstances, (rape, incest, etc.) that make this a very difficult decision for some.

v I believe marriage and “sex” was meant to be between a man and a woman. But, I support domestic partnerships and believe those relationships should receive all the benefits of traditional marriages.

v I believe homosexuality is wrong, but I’m not casting any stones as I know my own sinful state. I judge actions and positions based on what I believe as a Christian, but I’m called to love everyone by my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He has the final say, and He is full of Grace and Mercy.

v I believe a teenage girl should have someone in her corner if and when she becomes pregnant . . . not to judge . . . but to support and help. There is a sadness here that goes beyond the “issue” of society and politics . . . the erosion of the family in America.

v I believe there is a God . . . an intelligent designer, and I believe it is our abandonment of belief in Him that has set our country on a self destructive course.

v I believe it is the atheists and agnostics who are the closed-minded ones, not willing to even consider the possibility of a Creator.

v I believe in Democracy, and my civic responsibility . . . but I am disappointed by the choice of candidates . . . every election! And, I hate the cruel, name-calling campaigns . . . what do these people really have to offer me anyway?!

v I believe we have many needs in our communities that should grasp our attention. . . I don’t think high speed rail service, sports arenas, etc. are on that list.

v I believe in social welfare and medicine, but I also believe in earning a living, and that any welfare system should promote self esteem and motivation.

v I believe taxes are good and that the quality of life is improved for everyone, (including the rich), when the poor and oppressed have their needs met.

v I hate war and violence, but I am grateful for soldiers who believe in Freedom.

v I believe Hollywood and the media are feeding us lies and garbage, I would prefer a little more truth.

v Bottom line . . . yes, here it is . . . I believe in Jesus and want to be more like Him, everything else is just distraction.

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