Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Mascotti Family Prayer Request

Many of you are aware that Patti and I recently took in Tommy and Leanna Mascotti (aged 10 and 11 respectively). To briefly recap events of this past year; their father died in January and after trials with their mother and grandmother, they came to live with us. Their sister, Angelina (14), is living with a friend nearby now as well, after being bounced around foster and group homes.

All three of the children love one another dearly, and their desire is to be reunited, AND with their own family. Their mother is trying to accomplish all she is required to do, and I believe her desire is to be reunited as well. Mom has issues that must be resolved to the satisfaction of the Children’s Protective Services folks and the court if that is to happen.

Their plight is repeated over and over again every day in our communities, and social services offices and staff are overwhelmed by the number of children that need care. I have asked for prayers previously for Patti and I as we seek to be obedient to God’s call for these (His) kids, and those continue to be coveted. However, God has been prompting my heart daily to seek prayer for this family.

Patti and I don’t know what the future holds for Tommy, Leanna, Angelina and Mom. We quite simply just live one day at a time, trusting God with their, and our, future. We don’t see ourselves adopting or raising these three, and have not committed to a long term or permanent role with social services, but always in the back of our minds and hearts is the notion that God may have other plans?

Our prayer request on their behalf is that they would indeed be reunited as a family. Aside from that, adoption is the best alternative for all three of them, and joining other family would be best, but we haven’t seen that possibility arise. Social services work to have a “Plan B” in place if reunification doesn’t happen, and the top priority is adoption, with guardianship second and finally long term foster care the least desirable.

So, I hope you will join Patti and I in earnest prayer for this family in those regards. We have felt your prayers for us, and continue to covet them, as our lives have been literally turned upside down that past couple months, and we expect to be the kids caregivers through at least June, 2009, and possibly for another year. God is teaching us very clearly about love and obedience, and being Jesus to these children, so that is the blessing in the midst of the stress.

Only by Grace, Pat & Patti

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